Surge protector for low voltage installation

Equipment connected to Alternating Current (AC) networks can be subjected to a multitude of undesirable electrical phenomena which will disrupt their operation, cause failures, reduce their lifespan, or even destroy them.

The WRDZ ranges of surge protector are designed to meet all the protection needs of Low Voltage installations against lightning and industrial surges. The products comply with CE, TUV and RoHS standards. Ranges are classified by product Type and their power supply (AC or DC).

WRDZ SPD (surge protection device) lightning surge protection circuit device has a fast and powerful surge current leakage capacity. In the lightning surge interference, the lightning proof surge protector for electrical panel ensures the safety of the industrial automation control system a variety of field equipment and control equipment.

The SPD 3 phase industrial power strip surge protector created by WRDZ, one of the most professional surge protection equipment manufacturers, has integrated lightning-proof technology, intrinsic safety explosion-proof technology, and functional automation safety technology. As a result, the SPD electrical surge protection device by WRDZ, a reliable SPD enterprise, is the first 20kA anti-surge capacity of the leading products in China. The SPD panel box surge protector supplied by WRDZ is also an important part of the safety automation system like the intrinsic isolated barrier, signal conditioner, safety relay, etc.

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