WR-PDU Protecting Electronic Equipment Lightning Protector Multiple Socket

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  • High discharge capacity, quick response
  • Low voltage protection level
  • Green light indicates normal
  • Can be installed in a 8" panel
Nominal a.c.voltage[Un] 230V
Rated voltage (max.continuous a.c.voltage) [ U ] 320V
Nominal discharge current (8/20) (L-N) [ I ] 3kA
Nominal discharge current (8/20) (L+N-PE) [ I ] 5kA
Combination wave (L-N) [ U oc] 6kA
Combination wave (L+N-PE) [ Uoc ] 10kA
voltage protection level at In (L-N) [ Up ] ≤1.15kV
voltage protection level at In (L/N-PE) [ U ] ≤1.5kV
Response time (L-N)  [ tA ] ≤25ns
Response time (L/N-PE) [t ] ≤100ns
Max. backup fuse 16AgL/gG
Short-circuit withstand capability at max. backup fuse 6kAnns
Indication of disconnector Acoustic signal on
Operating temperature range [ Tu ] -40℃...+80℃
Terminal wires 1mm㎡ ,length 120mm
Enclosure material Aluminum
Test standards IEC 61643-1; GB 18802.1 ; YD/T 1235.1
Certification CE (LVD,EMC)

WR-PDU protection electronic equipment lightning socket circuit and details picture