WRDZ Surge Protection Device Backup Power SCB SPD Protector

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  • There is no gap structure for this product;
  • Low residual pressure (almost equal to wire residual pressure);
  • Unmistakable action; No blind area;
  • Independent main circuit system, auxiliary system and tripping system.
  • Complete the specifications anf meet the requirements of PSD at T1, T2 anf T3 levels;
  • The installation of 35mm card rail is in line with the installation requirements around the world;
  • It has instantaneous or delayed tripping function, and the tripping current is accurate;
  • Test button can be used to verify the integrity of the tripping system.
Technical Parameter  T1 T2 T3
Specification WRSCB-100G WRSCB-80G WRSCB-40G
Rated working voltage Ue 1000V/dc 1000V/dc  1000V/dc
Nominal insulation voltage (Ui) 1200V/dc 1200V/dc 1200V/dc
Applicable SPD(limp、In) ≤ 25kA(10/350μs) ≤ 60kA(8/20μs) ≤ 20kA(8/20μs)
Frequency current tripping value 4A 4A 4A
Power frequency current breaking times 1000 1000 1000
Short-circuit current breakering capacity(Ics) 0.5kA 0.5kA 0.5kA
Frequency short-circuit current breakering capacity(Ics) 35kA 35kA 35kA
Maximum terminal connection 25mm 25mm 25mm
Protection degree Ip20 Ip20 Ip20
Ambient temperature -25℃-60℃ -25℃-60℃ -25℃-60℃
Storage environment -40℃-75℃  -40℃-75℃  -40℃-75℃ 
Work environment 20%~90% 20%~90% 20%~90%

Scope of Application

The SPD dedicated backup protector, provide power supply with 1,2,3 equipment to protect the SPD(lightning protector) professional backup protection, is suitable for the need to install the SPD lightning protection devices, such as: civil construction, electrical, communications, road traffic, such as the petrochemical industry of power equipment.

Product Usage

  • It is effective to protect the SPD from the occurrence of abnormal transient overcurrent, so as to avoid serious fire accidents.
  • The actual selective separation of the working frequency current and lightning current can effectively protect the SPD from the occurrence of degradation, which can reduce the starting voltage of the SPD to a lower than that of the power supply voltage, so as to avoid causing serious problems. Fire accident.
  • When the SPD has an outdated lightning flow, this external disconnection will not cause an error trip, so that the lightning protection of electrical equipment is always in an effective state.

WRDZ surge protector backup power SCB SPD protector details