China New Design Tvss 20/40kA Chip Power Energy MOV For Surge Arrestor

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China New Design Tvss 20/40kA Chip Power Energy MOV For Surge Arrestor
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power mov, surge arrestor
Silver bare chip
Size φ33.4*33.4
Packing size φ34*34
MOV(metal oxide varistors)
China's newly designed Tvss 2040kA chip power source MOV arrester coding annotation diagram
The main technical index
Model specification 34S511K  34S621K  34S751K 
Packing size 459~561 558~682 675~825
Maximum continuous operating voltage 320VAC 385VAC 460VAC
Dc leakage current ≤15μA
Nominal discharge current 60 kA
Maximum discharge current 100 kA
Maximum limiting voltage  ≤2.4kV(at 60kA) ≤2.5kV (at 60kA)  ≤2.8kV (at 60kA)
Electrode surface coating Silering
Thichness tmax(mm) 6.1mm 6.6mm 6.6mm
Storage conditions 1) Storage temperature:-10℃~+40℃  2) Relative humidity:<75%RH 3) This product can’t place in a bare place and can’t be stored in an environment exposed to corrosive gases or direct sunlight.
Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃
Sign Can laser marking on the surface of mov(packing material)
Production range and parameters
Type Varistor voltage V1mA V Tolerance range V1mA % Maximum allowable voltage Clamping voltage(Max.) Maximum Peak Current(8/20μs) Nominal Peak Current(8/20μs) Energy(2ms)
U ac V U dc V U p  V I A Imax KA In KA E J
WRA34S511KD3 510 ±10 320 415 840 800 100 50 1600
WRA34S621KD3 620 ±10 385 505 1025 800 100 50 2000
WRA34S681KD3 680 ±10 420 560 1120 800 100 50 2200
WRA34S711KD3 710 ±10 440 585 1180 800 100 50 2350
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