Protecting Power Supply Lines RJ45 Network Signal Lines CCTV System SPD

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  • Green light indicates normal, and green light off indicates that no power or malfunction
  • Integrated protection for power supply lines, nad RJ45 network signal lines of the IP camera
  • High discharge capacity, low voltage protection level, low loss
  • Response speed, multilevel protection, small interference to transmit signal
  • Small volume, simple wiring, convenient installation, strong practicality
Type   WR-X2
Protection function Rj45 interface Power supply line
Nominal voltage[ Un] 48V 12V 24V 48V 200V
Lightning impulse current (10/350)[ I ] 0.5kA        
Nominal discharge current (8/20)(line-shield)[ In ] 2.5kA 5kA 5kA 5kA 5kA
Nominal discharge current (8/20)(shiled-PG)[ In ] 5kA        
Max. discharge current(8/20)(line-shield)[ I max] 5kA 10kA 10kA 10kA 10kA
Max. discharge current(8/20)(shiled-PG)[ I max] 10kA        
Voltage protection level at I (line-shield)[ U ] ≤130V ≤240V ≤300V ≤450V ≤950V
Voltage protection level at I (shiled-PG)[ Up ] ≤130V        
Voltage protection level at 1kV/μs (line-shield)[ Up ] ≤145V        
Voltage protection level at 1kV/μs (shiled-PG)[ Up ] ≤145V        
Response time [ ta ] ≤1ns ≤25ns ≤25ns ≤25ns ≤25ns
Bandwidth [ fG ] 165MHz        
Insertion loss[aE] ≤0.4dB        
Max. data transmission rates [ Vs] 100Mbits/s        
Connection input/output RJ45 socket/plug Screw Screw Screw Screw
Operation temperature range -40℃... +80℃
Earthing via Earthing screw
Enclosure material Aluminum
Test standards IEC 61643-21; GB 18802.21; YD/T 1542
Certification CE(LVD,EMC)

Protective power line RJ45 network signal line CCTV system SPD details