The mainstream protection technology of surge protectors

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1.Gap type SPD

Open gap type: Based on electric arc technology, when the voltage between the electrodes reaches a certain level, the breakdown of the air arc is creepage on the electrode.

Closed clearance type: For multi-layer graphite gap arrester, this type of lightning arrester mainly uses multi-layer gap continuous discharge, each layer of discharge gap is insulated from each other, this lamination technology not only solves the problem of free current but also discharges layer by layer, invisibly increasing the flow capacity of the product itself.

2.Gas discharge tube class SPD

Gas discharge tube can be used for data line, cable TV, AC power supply, telephone system and other aspects of surge protection, the general device voltage range from 75 ~ 10000V, withstand the impact peak current of 20000A, can withstand up to several thousand joules of discharge.

Advantages: large pass flow capacity, high insulation resistance, small leakage current;

3. Varistors SPD

Monolithic varistors: Take advantage of the nonlinear characteristics of varistor electricity. When the voltage does not fluctuate, the oxidation is high-impedance, and when the voltage fluctuates to reach the starting voltage of the varistors, the varistors quickly show a low-impedance state, limiting the voltage to a certain range. Each piece of piezo-sensitive electro-negative: each piece of pre-voltage electro-negative combination of mine-activated detonator mainly solves the single-chip voltage of the electricity flow is small, cannot meet the use of B-class occasions. The generation of multi-chip voltage electrovania fundamentally solves the problem of varistors pass-through flow.


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