How the lightning protection work in the whole system

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Lightning protection refers to the protection technology that prevents damage caused by electromagnetic pulses of direct lightning or lightning to the building itself or its internal equipment by forming an integrated system of interception and evacuation of the final discharge into the ground.

1The process of inducing or directly receiving lightning overvoltages from building flashers and power electronic systems into the earth through downlines connected to the grounding system (grounding network ground electrodes) and the like. Because the resistance of the earth and the resistance of the lead wire is very small, and the resistance of the building itself is very large, the lightning overvoltage will be introduced into the earth from the lead line.

2、《Technical code for protection of building electronic information system against lightningGB50343-20045.4.10 The lightning protection and grounding of the communication base station shall comply with the following provisions: the lightning protection of the communication base station should first carry out lightning risk assessment and lightning protection classification, and the antenna of the base station must be set in the direct lightning protection area (LPZ0B) area.

3 The antenna feeder of the base station should be led down from the center of the tower, and the coaxial cable should be grounded near the upper part, lower part and before entering the machine room through the cable tray. When the tower height is greater than or equal to 60 meters, the metal shielding layer of the coaxial cable should also add a ground in the middle of the tower.

The surge protector in the system

Surge protector classification SPD is an indispensable device in the lightning protection of electronic equipment, its role is to channel into the power line, signal transmission line of the instantaneous overvoltage limited to the voltage range that the device or system can withstand, or a strong lightning current leakage into the ground, to protect the protected equipment or system from impact.

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