What is the surge protector?

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The Surge Protector

 Today, lightning disasters are one of the most serious natural disasters, and there are countless casualties and property losses caused by lightning disasters every year in the world. With the large number of applications of electronic and microelectronics integrated equipment, the damage to systems and equipment caused by lightning overvoltage and lightning strike electromagnetic pulses is increasing. Therefore, it is very important to solve the problem of lightning disaster protection in buildings and electronic information systems as soon as possible. a

 China already has a complete lightning protection system, the main principle of the lightning protection system is to prevent the construction of a direct lightning 、lightning electromagnetic pulse or electrical equipment supplies to the building itself or its internal equipment caused damage to the protection technology by the formation of an integrated system of interception, evacuation and final discharge into the ground. The installation of surge protection (surge protection device,SPD) in the lightning protection system to suppress surges and transient overvoltages on the line, and overcurrent on the discharge line has become one of the important links of modern lightning protection technology.

 So, what is a surge protector?

 First, let's understand what a surge is. Surges are also called surges, which, as the name suggests, are instantaneous overvoltages that exceed the normal operating voltage. Essentially, a surge is a violent pulse that occurs in just a few millionths of a second. Possible causes of surges are heavy equipment, short circuits, power switching, or large engines.

 The surge protector, as the name suggests, when the electrical circuit or communication line suddenly produces a spike current or voltage due to external interference, it can conduct the shunt in a very short period of time, protecting the circuit and avoiding the damage of the surge to other equipment in the circuit.

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