New Design Type DC 1000V/1200V/1500V 3P ln20kA lmax40kA Surge Protector

  • Type:T2-DC
  • Pole:3P
  • Uc:800V-1200V
  • lmax:40KA
  • In:20kA
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  • Consistent   pluggability(even for N/PE spark gap) 
  • Own developed technology to manufacture MOV 
  • Thermal disconnect device for each individual connector
  • Optical,mechanical status indication for the individual arresters
  • With or without floating remote indication contact
  • Suitable for almost all network conflgurati ons 
  • Din rail mountable (35 mm)
Type WR-PV / 3P 
Rated voltage (max.continuous a.c.voltage) [ Uc ] 800V   / 1000V /1200V
Nominal discharge current (8/20) [ ln ] 20kA
Maximum discharge current [ Imax ] 40kA
Voltage protection level [ Up ] ≤3.2kV / ≤4.0kV / ≤4.4kV
Response   time [ tA ] ≤25ns
Max.backup fuse 125A gL/gG
Operating temperature range [ Tu ] -40℃...+70℃
Cross-sectional area 1.5mm² ~   25mm² solid / 35mm² flexible
Mounting on 35mm DIN rail
Enclosure material Purple   (module)/light gray (base) thermoplastic,UL94-V0
Dimension 1mod
Test standards IEC 61643-1; GB   18802.1; YD/T 1235.1
Certification CE    ROHS  ISO9001  CQC 
Type of remote signalling contact Switching   contact
Switching capacity a.c 250V / 0.5A
Switching capacity d.c 250V / 0.1A;   125v/0.2A; 75v/0.5A
Cross-sectional area for remote signalling contact Max.   1.5mm² solid / flexible
Packing uint 1pc(s)
Weight 400g